Recording volume not accessible

For some reason I cannot adjust the recording volume. I can move the slider, but it doesn’t do anything. My Host is - MME - Playback Device is - Speakers (SoundBlaster AE7) - Recording device is What You Hear (SoundBlaster AE7) - Recording channels -2 (Stereo) Version of Audacity is 3.2.5 I’ve never had this problem with Audacity, so I have no clue where to start to fix it. Running Windows 11, 22H2. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you try DirectSound or WASAPI?

I believe What-U-Hear is a “driver feature” which would have been provided by SoundBlaster. (It’s missing from most newer computers/soundcards). So MAYBE SoundBlaster has changed it, or maybe something in Windows has changed.

It shouldn’t be that important… Is it too loud or too quiet?

If it’s too quiet, the recording volume normally only attenuates, so it can’t be boosted anyway. But you CAN Amplify after recording.

If it’s too loud it’s probably already clipped (distorted) and lowering the recording level won’t remove the distortion.

…WASAPI (loopback) works similarly to What-U-Hear, but it does not have a recording level control.

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