Recording Volume Issue

I just downloaded version 2.0.5 from the .exe installer. I’m a first time user.

I’m running Windows 7 on a 32-bit platform.

I have a Sennheiser e845-S microphone that is connected to a Tube MP preamp and then to the computer through a USB port. I have the Phantom +48v switch on.

On the program, I am using Windows DirectSound with the USB PnP sound device selected for the mic. When I tried to record, the sound levels were so high I had to lower the recording level to 0.1. The mic is picking up everything, even with the input volume turned down that low. Any suggestions?

Have you tried adjusting the Output, and maybe the Gain, on the Tube MP preamp?

First, make sure you’re recording your new microphone and not the laptop built-in. That’s remarkably easy to do by accident. Scratch the microphone with your finger and then the built-in. Only one of them should respond.

Windows Control Panels can get into the act. Drill down to the sound controls and see how they’re set. There should be a little sound meter in the Win7 panels and the sound levels there should be rational.

Does the preamp have a volume control? Meters?


I’ve got the output on the Tube MP at close to its lowest setting. The gain is set at 5.

This is being run through a desktop. There is no built in mic. I had a webcam plugged in but I disconnected it so there would be no other mic.

That was the low-hanging fruit.

Which preamp exactly do you have? Model numbers or point to a web page.

Make sure 20dB gain is unpushed.