Recording Volume drifting to maxium

Each time I try to record something, I set my Recording Volume where I want it for good quality sound. But then as I am recording the Recording Volume drifts up until it gets to maximum. I have set the mic to give Audacity control of recording levels but it will still not control it. As I talk the recording volume drifts up until it distorts my voice and gets to maximum. How do I love the recording volume completely?

How do I love the recording volume completely?

I would do it behind closed doors out of sight of the children.

Windows computers are not generic do-everything computers as they used to be. They come out of the box all set to connect to a corporate conference or other business communication or chat. In order to do that, they default to voice management and other vocal processing. If you’re having trouble with live microphone recording, it might be good to find these Windows settings and turn them off.

You may not have these specific problems, but this is where to find the settings.


Thanks. I actually found the issue finally after digging. Zoom has its own automatic volume control for the mic. I had to disable all of Zoom’s mic controls then Audacity could control it properly.