recording volume control

I am new to the software and to this forum.

I have windows 10 Pro. To be able to record streaming audio I have to use the Windows WASAPI . It records fine EXCEPT I cannot lower the volume control thus my recording is always in the ‘RED’. Is there something I can do to gain control of the volume/input of source so as not to be in the ‘red’?

I’m not a Windows elf. See if there’s anything in here. It talks about WASAPI down a bit.


thanks for the link
I had looked at that section but I did not remember all that I read. thanks again for the link.

it would appear, from the reading, that even tho the ‘recording’ shows red, Audacity will still record in the appropriate level. I’ve listened to some “samples” I’ve tried and they sounded OK.

thanks for the response and assistance.

What do you mean by in the red? The default recording meters turn orange then red when the input level increases above -6 dB. There is no clipping until the red clipping indicator at the far right comes on.


This signal is currently loud but not clipped, but has clipped in the past:


Thanks again for the responses.

I have done about 3 1/2 hours of recording. Everything converted to mp3. As the Audacity instructions say for the Windows versions; I have been able to control/lower the input/volume by adjusting the site being recorded from using their volume control.

I guess my concern was mostly not red but orange but it stayed in the orange showing red…most of the time. but using the ‘site being recorded from’ ability to adjust the volume control the orange/red has been greatly minimized.

thanks to all who responded