recording volume becomes progressively louder [SOLVED]

Hi, guys. I should state that I am new to Audacity. Anyway, when I try to record short comments (about ten seconds in length) for a video, it seems that the volume of my recording becomes progressively louder over time. Obviously, I would like the recording volume to remain more consistent. This is with Audacity’s default settings in place; I didn’t change anything with fading in or out. I have attached and .mp3 that sort of demonstrates my problem. Can anyone give me some insight into my issue? Thank you.

Audacity 2.1.1 .exe installation
Windows 7 x64
I am using a Logitech h540 headset to record my comments.

The problem with Windows is the show has to go through Windows to get anywhere else. There’s no shortage of Windows developers that think they know how to “help you” with your sound.

Couple that with communications like Skype and Chat and it’s a wonder anyone managed to get sound recorded at all.

Do you leave Skype running in the background? Bad Idea. Skype likes to manage sound whether you want it to or not.

Here’s a thing on Windows Enhanced Services.

And those are only the known problems. You could have software of your own that’s interfering with the show.


Audacity doesn’t do anything to the sound during recording. What arrives from Windows gets recorded.

Hey, guys. I disabled automatic gain control in the microphone properties in Windows. The problem seems to be resolved now. I am sorry for wasting your time with this.

No worries. glad you have solved the problem.