Recording Voice Track, Going To End of Project

I just updated to the latest version and have run into a situation that seems like a setting change but I cannot figure it out. I use Audacity to record my radio show. First I load in all my songs and later go back in and record my voice drops in between songs. Today, at the end of the first song, I clicked in to begin recording my voice drop but the recording moved to the end of the last song. Anywhere I click in the project, to record a voice drop, it moves to the end of the last song. Never had this happen before. Thanks for any help.

I think you may be victim of the RECORD change. Shift-Record is start a new track now and Record starts recording on the same line. We had a huge number of complaints of people who wanted plain record to continue where they left off. So that’s what R does now.

You can reverse the two keys back to the way it was. Audacity > Preferences > Recording > Options.

Or just use the R key.


Thanks Koz!