recording voice in 8Khz format

Hi everybody,
it’s my first question on this forum, I hope it will help me to solve my problem!
I have to record a text and my client needs files in 8kHZ a-law mono format. As he told me that before recording I said “OK, no problem!”
But now, I enter this in “preferences” before recording and when I listen to my recording, it is an horrible voice… What should I change in the configuration to avoid this and have a normal voice (normally, I record in 44 kHz).
I have to deliver the files tomorrow and I would appreciate very much some help of one of you!!!
Thank you very much from France.

I have audacity 2.0 and a mac


Try recording the work at your normal standards and convert it later. Change the sample rate with the little window at the lower left and File > Export normally. It’s possible you may need to tailor your voice quality ahead of the conversion. 8KHz will not support high voice quality and crispness much over 3KHz or 4KHz. That’s just barely telephone quality. Try applying Low Pass Filter at 3KHz before you change the sample rate and export.

Yes, it is going to sound like you “phoned it in.”


Probably don’t need to do that as the format conversion should do that automatically.