Recording voice and music podcast

Hi I am a new user to this software. I can record music and I can record Voices…but how do I record them both together so that I can do a Music podcast? Thanks in anticipation

I am using Windows 10 on a laptop

There’s a tutorial about how to make a voice and music podcast:

Audacity is the ultimate tool for editing your podcast. It has plenty of great features that are reasonably easy to use. When recording and editing podcast (advertising deleted) audio, your needs are less demanding compared to a music producer or mixing engineer. This is good and can save you a lot of money, as DAWs can be very expensive!

What’s in our head when you asked that? Do everything live like broadcast? Doing that on one computer might be a stretch because you have to listen to the “Broadcast Mix”, the isolated Music Track, and Next Track Cueing. That’s three playback channels and computers only have one.

So that pushes you into a small mixer and you’ll need to get good at juggling multiple balls at once. For maximum versatility, it’s two playback computers and slosh between them.

It’s much easier to do the show in post production editing. Record all your voice parts, import all your music tracks, and mix them together. Whereas Broadcast is all happening in real time, this method can take multiple times the length of the show to produce. If it’s an hour show, we’ll have it in two or three days.

Just to get there ahead of you, there are no good, handy, cheap ways of incorporating Teams, Meetings, Skype, or Zoom interviews. That’s a whole other level of complexity.