recording vocals over music

Audacity 1.3.6
Emu 0404 interface
windows format

I can take a song off of my I-pod,clear the vocals and leave the music. now I want to record myself where the original vocals were. I can get that far but I want to be able to hear the music part of the song(that I took the words off of) through my headphones as I record. I can’t seem to get the music part to come through my headphones. Please help. Thanks. Tony

Edit menu > Preferences > Audio I/O tab
Select “play other tracks while recording new one”.

That’s the setting in Audacity - once you have that set correctly it’s a matter of setting the sound card levels in the sound card control panel / Windows mixer. (look for a loudspeaker icon near the system clock).

Thanks stevethefiddle,I did find where you were talking about by the clock. Now, how do i know what to set it to. Is there a tutorial or something that i can download to figure this out? Directions? Thanks.

Unfortunately there are many variations of the sound cards mixer/control panel. There are even many different versions for a specific operating system. There are some general notes about this on this page: