Recording vocal narrative over background music?


I am trying to record narration over background music for a video project for school. (Windows Movie Maker won’t let me play two tracks at once.) I can’t seem to get the right volume levels – the narrative is too quiet and the background music is too loud.

I’ve tried to things – 1)recording the narrative separately and trying to mix the tracks and 2) recording the narrative over the background. Neither of these seems to work. How do I change the volume levels on the tracks and then mix them? (Sorry if this is a really basic question!)


You definitely want method #1. You need the voice separated from the music so that it can be mixed properly.

The easiest way to do this is to just adjust the gain of each track until they sound good playing together.

This page has a picture of the track controls towards the bottom:

Once you’ve done that, play the project while watching the meter, if you have any clipping, the end of the meter will turn red and stay that way. In that case, turn both tracks down by 3dB and see if the clipping goes away.

After that, just export your file.