recording vinyl

hi i am new to this and probably in the wrong area. I have been recording my old records onto my laptop with audacity until today. All of a sudden audacity will record for a short period and then stop, it is still recording but no sound is being recorded. I have re installed the program with no result. Has anyone got any ideas on what is going on? I am using windowss xp and audacity 1.2.6. :question: :frowning: I am using a digitech GE-4059 usb turntable to record to audacity.

Your computer is probably loosing sync with the USB turntable. Try plugging the turntable into a different USB port (make sure that it is securely inserted) and reboot your computer.

thanks did try but to no avail, problem still there. any other ideas :slight_smile:

I suspect the USB on the turntable has packed up. They are known to often be temperamental. (try searching the forum for “ION turntable”). Have you access to another computer that you could try it on?

Stevethefiddle is probably right on this. I had to un-install and re-install my Ion turntable twice before it settled down and worked right.