recording vinyl to Audacity

I am using an Ion Turntable and have had a lot of luck with it. I have been recording each track separately but that take forever and I have to listen to the whole record. Can I record the whole record and then break them into separate tracks for each song?

Yes - use the label feature in audacity to mark and label the track breaks (use Ctrl+B shortcut) - and don’t forget a label right at the beginning for the first track. Then use Audacity’s Export Multiple feature).

IIRC the ION manual (should have come with the hardware) tells you how to do this …

Hi: First time on the Audacity system. Am recording from vinyl as I speak.

As the first reply, the ‘break’ system using CTRL B works like a charm. When exporting, I always go for the WAV option since this fits in with CD burner programs (I use NERO). Don’t forget to use the ‘export multiple’ and I usually go for the simple ‘numbering’ option in the same window rather than putting in all the track titles (lazy I know!). Hope it works for you.

David, Essex UK

David’a advice about “lazy labellimg” is absolutely fine if you only want to produce WAV files - but if you are producing MP3s, then the track labels handily carry through to the ID3 metadata tags as song titles for you.