Recording Vinyl onto Laptop

Hi all,
I’m new to this so please bear with me. I want to record my collection of vinyl onto my laptop. I’ve read the FAQs and it all makes sense but my laptop doesn’t have a line in input in the traditional (phono) sense, just USB. Presumably I need some sort of interface as well. I’ve tried using a Roland UA-1G (ships with Guitar Tracks 4) and I can hear the record playing if I plug the headphones into that, but then I’m guessing I need a a cable from the interface to the laptop. This is where I come unstuck as I need a phono to USB (I think). Is such a thing available or am I barking up the wrong tree? Any help appreciated, thanks. :confused:

Your Roland UA-1G should be similar in operation to mr earlier Roland UA-1EX.

You need to connect the device to your laptop with the USB cable (possibly hardwired into the UA-1G) you need to do this before starting Audacity.

You also need to connect your TT to a preamp (unless the TT has it’s own onboard pre-amp and offers a line-level output) and then connect the preamp (or suitable TT) to the pair of RCA inputs labelled Input. You should also grond the TT to the pre-amp. I use the excellent ART DJ-Pre11 for this.

Have you seen this set of tutorials in the manual:


Thank you WC,
I hadn’t seen that tutorial. I’ll have a close look at it later. Thanks for the heads up,
Tony P.