Recording troubles

Hey everyone, I’m having frustrating recording problems. I have a profile on youtube and recently I got audacity, I go to import an audio it works, I record sounds great on play back its off. Yes I play along with the song on time this has happened on several occasions and its preventing me from recording stuff. Any hints? I’m stumped.

You mean that you want to play along with a song that you have imported and record what you are playing (while the song is playing), but when you record, the imported track does not play?

Which version of Audacity are you using?

No I dont mean that. The audio does play while I record but when I play it back after I record it the track what I originally recorded is out of synch with what I played. And I believe I have the 1.2 version of audacity.

Never mind I just figured out how to cut while zoomed in. Im horrible with technology.

Oddly as it may seem, audacity 1.3.x will work better in most cases…