Recording trouble

Every time I record, I get about a minuite an a half of recording and then I begin recording over the begining of the recording. In other words, I can not create a long recording without it overlaping or looping. Does anyone know whats going on?

Is your hard drive filling up?

Can you put a comma or a period in there somewhere? That post is a little hard to read.


I edited my post. The hard drive filling up? the computer is less than a year old, so no. I have a mac maybe that has something to do with it?

Disc occupancy is nowt to do with the age of the m/c - it’s all down to the amount of stuff you put on there and leave on there …


Well obviously, but I barely have anything on here I have 28GB available. Now that we have all berated my post
can someone answer the question. You all had to learn at some point or another.

This is the first time this problem has come up that I’m aware of.

If you leave Audacity recording and don’t touch it in any way, will it continuously record a ~1.5 minute loop? In other words, will it loop again once it reaches the same point if you let it keep going?

Just to be certain, when Audacity’s cursor reaches the right side of the screen, it will re-draw the screen so the cursor is on the left. If there is a display bug, Audacity might forget to re-draw the waveform and make it appear as though you’re recording in a loop. Can you zoom out so the time-line is several minutes long and let it start recording? Does it continue to loop at the 1.5 minute mark?

No actually that seems to have worked thank you
it’s strange though I did not think something like that would effect the program
but thank you

So is there a display bug we should be aware of? Or did you just not notice the time-line change (it’s easy to do this)?