Recording Trouble with timing

so i have an instrumental song, then i try to record my voice over the top and everytime i push stop, the recording moves a TINY bit and messes with the song making me ahead of the beat, is there any way to change this?

The problem isn’t that the recording moved, it’s that the computer played back the orchestration in the wrong place.

Open Preferences, Audio I/O and mess with Hardware and Software Playthrough.

If you start getting echoes during the performance, then you are a victim of the Windows Sound Panels.


s nasty,

Welcome to the world of digital recording, first stop, latency issues.

The quick fix for you is the use the Time Shift Tool to shift the vocals back into place (it looks like two arrows pointing left and right with a line in between them).

A more permanent fix requires the use of Audacity 1.3.x or higher (ideally 1.3.4 now that it’s out):

In that tutorial, I needed to use a negative number for my latency correction, but if your recordings are playing before they’re supposed to, that number will have to be positive.