Recording to PC from mixer board - recording OK; no playback


I am attempting to digitally record audio our church services through a Mackie SR32-4-VLZPRO mixer board and a PC running Windows 7.
The mixer is connected to PC via cable that has RCA outs on one end (mixer side) and an 1/8" headphone jack on the other side (connected to the light blue Line In jack on the rear of the PC).

The recording is working fine - I am capturing everything I need to.

However, it seems that once the mixer is connected to the PC for recording, I have lost the ability to playback the recorded audio from the PC through the house speakers.
The PC has always been connected to the Mackie for playback by using an 1/8" male to 1/4" male cord. The PC side is connected at the light green jack on the rear of the PC and the mixer side is connected to a 1/4" jack on the rear of the mixer.

But, since I have added to connection from the mixer to the PC on the other jack for recording, I am not able to playback anything from the PC through the mixer/house.


Try putting headphones in the light green jack. If there is no audio, then you have discovered what needs to be solved.

What audio are you trying to play in which application? If you are playing audio in Audacity, you can set the playback device in Device Toolbar.

To what are the “house speakers” connected?


Thank you for your reply.

Currently, I am not in front of the PC and mixer board unit. However, I will attempt your suggestion this afternoon, when I am in the building.

As for your question about what I am attempting to playback…

After recording audio through the mixer board, I would like to be able to replay through the system to make sure it captured correctly. I have tried to play back through Audacity and also Windows Media Player (after converting to .mp3), but have had no success with either. However, I am able to move the file from the PC to my laptop (which is not connected to anything), and play back the file in both Audacity and Windows Media Player - and both as an .mp3 and as an Audacity project file.

The house speakers are connected to the Mackie board, as normally would be in an auditorium/church sanctuary setup, through a power amp, power conditioner, etc. This particular part of the setup has been in place for over 15 years without issue.

Thank you again for your response.

Hello again!

I was finally able to try your suggestion of switching out the lines in the headphone (green jack). Nothing seems to help.

I can right click on the sound icon in the taskbar (next to the clock) and open the Playback Devices, and then right click on the playback device listed - Test - and I can hear the test tones through the house speakers. The signal registers on the Mackie main - but not on the channel that the PC is connected to.

I am baffled…

Any ideas?

I suggested connecting headphones to the green jack. If you can hear the test tones there, try configuring Audacity to send its playback to the green jack.