Recording to Laptop

Have downloaded Audacity recently. Every time I plug in the USB turntable to my USB port (regardless of which port I use) all I receive is a loud high-pitched tone. This “tone” is then what is recorded NOT the music I’m trying to record. Any suggestions? However, when I connect the same cable to my desk top computer, everything seems to work just fine. Really want to use the laptop as the desktop is older and MUCH slower. Using Windows 7 on the laptop (if this makes a difference).

Plug in the turntable, then launch Audacity and then use the device toolbar to make sure you’re recording from the USB Device. Not anything else, and do it in that order. If you like recording Internet Audio, that’s the setting that can mess up local musical recording.

Windows also tends to mess up playback and monitoring if you plug in a USB device, so make sure the Device Toolbar gets that right, too. Play to the speakers or headphone, not back out to the USB device.