Recording to imported tracks

Hello! I can’t seem to get this to work and I followed the directions in the FAQ. I am collaborating with another artist and they sent me the tracks from their portion of the project. I got each one imported into Audacity as a separate track and when I hit PLAY to test them, it sounds just fine. I want to add some synthesizer music on a new track and can’t seem to get it to work. I can hear both my new keyboards and their tracks together when I’m recording, but then my new recording isn’t there when I finish, go back to the start and play again. I’ve tried doing it on a new track and without creating a new track and it doesn’t work either way.

I normally record on an eight-track, so computer recording is new to me. Can anyone give me some tips on making this work? As a last resort, I suppose I could record into the eight track while I’m listening to the song and then upload a new MP3, but that just doesn’t seem right.

Thanking in advance for anyone who can guide me through this!


Audacity will only manage 16 tracks. Do you get a silent new track or no track?

We assume you mean 8 track reel to reel, not the 8-track I played in my '79 Cadillac.