Recording to Click Track Breaks Copy Paste

I’m new to this forum and reporting bugs so I have no idea if this has been posted before or is a well known bug. But in case it’s not I thought I’d try and do my part and let people know of this bug I’ve found:

I’m recording guitar tracks with a microphone set to cardioid, this setting usually prefers one channel (in my case the left) so the correct response is to split the stereo track, delete the quieter side, and copy+paste the louder side setting both versions of the 1 track to either channel. Please note that this doesn’t happen every time, just most of the time.

If recorded to a generated click track. When I copy+paste the track, most of the time it ends up with extra silence at the start, and out of sync with the other track.
If recorded to a generated click track which I then delete before attempting the copy paste, then I have no issues what so ever.
I feel like I’ve definitely nailed the cause to be the generated click track as it NEVER happens without one and it’s the only variable (That I can see and remove, at least).

My guess as to why it doesn’t happen 100% of the time would be maybe the different lengths and settings of each click track used? That really does seem to be the only difference that I can spot, that being said I know nothing about programming.

Any light as to why this happens would be appreciated, cheers.

Probably better to set the number of recording channels to “1 (mono)” in the device toolbar.

Can you describe this in more detail.
I can’t see your machine, but I would like to try and reproduce the problem. Talk me through, step by step, what I need to do. Don’t just say “and then paste…”, tell me precisely what to do, such as “… 4) Click on Track 1 at 5.0 seconds. 5) Edit menu > Paste. 6) …”.