Recording to channel 1 is broken, channel 2 is fine

Description: Hello, long story, sorry, It really really seems, as if my pc is bricking the channel 1 recording ability of my interfaces with no other issues surrounding recording with these interfaces. That is recording on channel 2 works just fine and playback of both channels is fine. I have tested this dozens of time over the past few days, trying different things. Do you have any knowledge of what is causing this? Thanks, Randy

Further, during this fiasco my SSD failed totally so I replaced it with a new harddrive (SSD) and of course had to do a new OS install,- different Windows 10 build. So just as before the computer works just fine in all other respects. But dang wouldn’t you know the interface still won’t record or even pass a signal on channel 1, but channel 2 records just fine. You would think it was cables or sockets or something but this is happening with 2 different interfaces and cables, one using USB-C and the other USB early type. Thoughts anybody? Thanks, Randy aka Tangle001

Windows is probably the culprit, see …

Thank you but that is not the problem. Sorry but I have been down all the usual pathways on this. And many unusual pathways. I’m looking to see if per chance, and I now know there’s not many with this type of problem where the computer and the interface don’t work together as they usually do. So folks, if you haven’t had this same, same exact problem yourself, you need not worry, I am wondering if by chance there is someone on this forum that knows what is going on here, or at least knows for sure what is broken.

New install means the Windows recording-device properties (advanced) will be back to default, which is mono.

Ok, upon further testing with more cables and computers this problem seems to be in the audio interfaces. The weird thing is that both of my interfaces, one a Steinberg and the other a Tascam both developed this problem right around the same time. So it’s difficult to have certainty what is going on. But now that I have isolated the problem to these audio devices I have no choice but to replace them and hope that whatever caused it doesn’t happen again. Thanks for your time considering this. I leave this topic unless it raises its ugly self again.

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