Recording to CD

I have downloaded the Audacity programme and I can record, from the mic, with it. But I am a low-tech animal and I don’t know how to transfer the voice on to CD then. Can you help me?
Mattie Lennon.

Hmm… you sure have some CD burning software available there?
The easiest way would be to save the recording as WAV in Audacity and then burn into CD (select type of Audio CD).


Firstly it is recommended that you don’t post your email address on the forum. It makes you a target for spam.

To create a CD, you first have to Export your audio from Audacity as a 44100Hz 16 bit PCM Stereo WAV or AIFF file. Then you use a standard CD burning program to burn the CD.

(Note - the Save command saves an Audacity project, which is not an audio file, but a set of very complicated data files)

ITunes or Windows Media Player (on Vista) will burn CDs but there are CD burning programs available to download. One that has been recommended is CDBurnerXP

This wiki page
tells you how to do it,

and this one
goes into more detail about the recording process.