Recording to and from Audacity

I’m new here and could do with some advice. I used to be able to record to my cassette from internet and vice versa using an ADS Tech transducer,
I can’t do it anymore. Is this an upgrade? or do I need a newer transducer and just a clash of software.
Any ideas. Copperplate

What is an “ADS Tech transducer” and how is this related to Audacity?

What are you referring to?

ADS Tech transducer

What’s that?

What’s working and what’s not working?

We’ll probably have more questions for you, but tell us what you can about your hardware… What kind of cassette deck/recorder do you have? Does it have line-inputs and line-outputs? Does it have USB? Do you have a laptop or a desktop/tower computer with a regular soundcard?

You don’t need Audacity to record with the cassette deck. You can just plug the line/headphone output from your computer into line-in on the cassette recorder. :wink:

You can make a digital recording with Audacity (from a hardware input or streaming audio from the Internet as it’s playing).

o record to my cassette from internet and vice versa

Vice versa? You can’t record to the Internet…