Recording to a Single Sequential Track

Audacity Recording to a Single Sequential Track

1.) Open Audacity. Drag music. speech or more music. Keep doing this until the end (P.s. the songs should be in mp3 format - there are free conversion programs to do this). They all go on separate tracks and seem to align at the beginning.
2.) Then select each track - [“Edit”-“Select”-“All tracks”] or use shift to do so and then go to “Tracks” - “Align tracks” - “end to end”
3.) Click “Transport” - “Play through” and save the file using “File” - “Export” to an mp3 file.

the songs should be in mp3 format

No they shouldn’t. Use WAV, AIFF or the highest quality you can get. Audacity is already super high quality inside. If you use an MP3 to make an MP3, the compression distortion and sound damage doubles.

Click “Transport” - “Play through”

You don’t need that step to make the new sound file. you only need that one if you’re recording a live performance and you want to hear it during the show—but it will probably have an echo because of processing errors.


Thank you all about the mp3 comment. I did have some trouble with mp4a formats which is why I said mp3.

You still don’t have to do that. You can add the FFmpeg software to Audacity and open those up directly. Scroll down.


Thank you. “Boston Jackie”