Recording Time Tag

Hi all,

I have intentions to use Audacity as a recording tool.
The source audio will be fed though a cable into “Line In” of the sound card.
All this is already working and I can make voice activate records.
I wonder if there is possibility to add time tag to my records ?
I mean a time tag with real time when the record is made and
appearing when the file is edited or on playback.

Thanks !


Nick, please don’t double post - it only wastes folks time and drives the forum elves mad - it doesn’t get your query answered any quicker either. (I have removed the duplicate post for you.)

AFAIK I don’t think it is possible to time-stamp an Audacity recording. If no-one else comes along and points out a way to do it, you may wish to post a Feature Request in this section of the Forum:


The tag would only appear if it is supported by the program that is playing the file. What program are you using? Does it support “time tags”?
For use in Audacity it would seem rather redundant - On Windows and Linux you can see the creation time/date by just looking at the file properties (I presume that is the same on Macs). If you set your file browser to display the file details, the creation time will be displayed.

I know cost is no object, so you an purchase an SMPTE Timecode Generator. The output of this machine is an audio signal which, when played into a time code reader, will reveal the time.

You can put this signal on almost any audio track and play it back into a reader.

SMPTE Time Code comes in a variety of flavors, but at base, it’s a low-fi audio signal made of the digital bits of a time data generator according to a very specific format. It was designed to go on the terrible, noisy cueing track of a quadruplex video tape machine and allow simple editing, so audio wise, there’s nothing exciting about it.

It doesn’t have to be associated with video, either. DAT audio tape machines use SMPTE Time Code.