Recording time in recording

Long shot:
Is there a way to record time since the beginning of a recording as sound? I’m using WASAPI mode.
If there was a way for me speak time into recording, that may accomplish my purpose.

I’ll be transcribing an .MP3 recording using Dragon Naturally Speaking and would love to have time transcribed in.

You can use Overdubbing. Use the mono performance as a backing track and speak into a new track. Push them together into a stereo show with performance on the left and your time reading on the right.

There’s also SMPTE Time Code. That’s a series of tones designed to fit on a sound track and carry either time of day or whatever time you wish.

Watch your ears.

If you pointed that sound at a time code reader, it would assure you that the time was midnight, or very close to it.

There is a time generator and a time reader. There may be software readers by now. It’s been a while.


Thank you for your prompt reply.

I’d prefer a simpler solution. Is there a way I can go to selected spots in a recording and just speak phrases like “10 minutes”, “20 minutes”, etc over selected times in recording without even having to use the “time shift” tool? I don’t mind losing what’s on the main track when I speak these phrases.


What I am wondering is if I could place a cursor on an existing track and record over it for a second or so?

Looks like I can do what I want:

  1. Change from WASAPI to “Windows Direct Sound”
  2. Place the cursor where I want to record over.
  3. SHIFT+R say my piece
  4. Spacebar to stop recording.