Recording through sound card. Won't work.

Hi, I have a Gateway P-6860fx running 64 bit Vista. I’m trying to record through the sound card but have not been able to you. I’ve tried all the input options and it either doesn’t work or it records through my Mic and thus gets my voice and every other noise around me. I’ve looked around for answers on this site and others but can not seem to find an answer. Supposedly my sound drivers are up to date, though I can’t seem to find my sound card manufacturer either. I also have a creative x-mod attached if that helps or maybe would help me work around it. Anyway I just want to be able to record the sound through the x mod or my sound card so that I don’t hear noises in the room around me. I’ve tried everything it seems!. Thanks in advance.

What are you trying to record and how. I am confused because you say you cant record but then you say

If you are recording your voice through a microphone then it will pick up other room noises. thats what mics do. You need to be somewhere quiet. Please clarify your request a little. What version of audacity are you using

Sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear. I want to record through my sound card that way I don’t get room noise.

I think this is the tutorial you are looking for:

It would be, but I’v already gone through that process and it didn’t alleviate my problems. The only drivers I can get for my sound card are through gateway because sigmatel support is all OEM. I have the most recent drivers and have tried using every single one of my listed devices. I either get no sound at all or it records through my Mic which I DON’T want. I want the sound specifically going through the sound card.

What exactly do you want to record?
If it’s streaming audio from a web site, you may be able to use something like WinAmps “filewriter” to write the audio directly to disk (bypassing the limitations of your soundcard). For other computer audio, you may be able to use TotalRecorder or something similar (again bypassing those limitations).

I’ve tried total audio recorder which was also did not work. What do you mean limitations of my sound card? I wasn’t aware that I had any. AS for WinAmps I’ll look into that. But yes streaming audio I guess is what I’m looking for. But I don’t want to “download” any files in the recording process if that’s what WinAmp does.

Are you saying that Audacity won’t work for my purposes?

No, I’m saying that some new computers have the “stereo mix” option permanently disabled in the sound card drivers. If this is the case (most common on laptops using SigmaTel or RealTek HD on-board sound), then recording directly from the sound card “mix” is not possible.

You could try recording with “Windows Sound Recorder” as a test. By default Windows Sound Recorder will only record 60 seconds, but it will serve as a test. If it works, then recording with Audacity is possible and we can help you get it configured correctly.