recording through external mixer

Hi I’ve recently found problems recording after using audacity after a long time, I’m using a beringer djx400 connected to a ndx 800 and a ndx 900, as for the recording I’m using the send ports into the 3.5mm jack on a laptop. I can select the mic input as the record device however when I press record nothing happens apart from the monitor reading flashing green so it must be recognising the audio? If anyone could please help me out it would be much appeared.

Has this exact mixer/computer combination ever worked? My first guess is no. Most laptop Mic-In connections are super sensitive and mono, not stereo. This normally gives you crunchy, mono audio, not a clear, stereo dance sequence.

What changed?

Windows update? Newer Audacity?

When I do this, I use an external stereo USB adapter, the Behringer UCA202. Tape Out of the mixer on the right.


When I first did a recording it was with a different mixer, (numark dm1001x) and it work however it would only record through one side ie you could only here the track being played through one earphone, not I’ve upgraded my mixer I can’t seem to get it to work at all I’ve watched a lot off vids on YouTube and there all on a older version than mine

The only thing that has changed is the mixer which was an upgrade, in the past it worked fine good sound quality like I sad though it only recorded from the left side of that makes sense I’ve tried pretty much everything and stuck in what to do now

If by “nothing happens” you mean that the red recording cursor does not move, try a cold boot on the laptop. Windows Start, Power, SHIFT-click on the “Shut down” choice.

If you have enabled Transport > Sound Activated Recording, turn it off.

You want something better than a mic port to record into, as Koz said.