Recording through computer, sound, distorted

Version 3.2.5. Ventura 13.2.1
I’ve run into this problem with older versions too. Recording from computer sound, playback is distorted and low volume. Just updated to the latest version because problem existed in whatever version I was running before and I have rebooted several times and don’t know why this problem exists when yesterday with the older version I re-recorded 30 different songs to take care of a problem with those files had no problem at all, and today, both versions started glitching. The older version had been removed when I updated to the new version. Is there a fix for this problem?

What add-on (Soundflower, iShowUAudioCapture, Blackhole, etc.) are you using to route “computer sound” to Audacity?
– Bill

The only thing I use is eqmac app that I have used for the last few years and usually have no issues with this app in relation to anything I’m recording on any other app. The problem with the recording has occurred in other versions on occasion, and all other settings are default. And since I have used the eqmac app with other applications, in the very recent past, I don’t think that’s the issue. Specially, when it was working the day before, with no problem with Audacity.

I have no experience with the eqMac app.

That begs the question: What has changed since yesterday?

– Bill

Nothing changed on my imac. or with Audacity. As I stated before, this is happened with previous versions also. And it happens out of the blue. I never know why.

Sometimes, when these things happen a reboot magically does the trick.

Well, I appreciate your feedback, however, I’ve rebooted more than once again in the last couple of days. It appears that this is a problem that has no answer.