recording through amp

I would like to do some multi-trac recording through a guitar amp. i am running out of the head phone jack into the line in. I get sound but with some bad static (or feed back) in the background. what is the proper way to do this.

Headphones outputs aren’t really meant to be used that way, but it will often work nonetheless.

Make sure the output volume on the amp isn’t turned up too high. If the Input Meters in Audacity have a red bar at the top then you’re clipping the input and will need to turn the amp’s volume down.

If you’ve actually got static then something else is going wrong. Does it sound good when you plug headphones directly into the amp? If it does, try plugging back into the computer and then plug your headphones into your soundcard and set it up to monitor the input. Does it sound the same as when the headphones were plugged into the amp directly? If it doesn’t then you might want to try a different cable between the amp and computer.