recording teleconference calls

I am not only new, I am very uninformed regarding all this technological stuff. I want to conduct a teleconference call and have it recorded so I can download it to my e-mail and have it available for those on the call to be able to download it to their MP3. Is Audacity the right program for this?


<<<Is Audacity the right program for this?>>>

Yes, but not the way you think. There is no good way to do it electronically using any method you’re likely to afford.

Set up your laptop PC to record a microphone that you supplied. Put the mic in the middle of the table so it can “hear” all sides of the conversation, the far sides from the conferencing unit, and the near side live. Jocky the mic position and various volumes until it all balances.

If you have a Mac it’s harder because you need to use the built-in microphone, a USB microphone, or a standard theatrical microphone and a sound mixer or mic amplifier.

You thought I was going to tell you how to hook a PC into the phone line, right? There is no good, cheap, safe way to do that.