Recording system sound and mic at same time

I’m trying to record internal system sound (like youtube video or a skype conversation) and sound from a microphone at the same time. I’m trying to do a podcast and can’t get it to record both. I can do one or the other though.


There was a poster at the end of March that claimed to have this dual recording thing nailed down in Windows. We even followed him off-line for a while and he kept claiming any second now he was going to get all the kinks worked out.

So we’re going with ‘not in Windows.’ In Linux, you can use the custom pathway software Jack and I think you can do something similar in Mac-OS because of the common OS heritage. I even found problems with using two different computers to split up the sound pathways, although that could have been a wiring or setup error.

It’s not easy, and no, it’s not a button press.

If you have a “radio” blog you like, write to them as ask how they did it. So far, many of them are keeping to themselves.

“Yes, we enjoyed the Friday show, too. Thanks for listening!”