recording sunds in stereo tracks from xbox

hi everyone. I used to use a technique where I could split the sound from my pad sending it to my pc and headset.
from the PC I would then be able to record both the sound of party chat AND the sound of my own voice on 2 separate tracks, as they would be in stereo

I used to do this fine on windows xp, but since I installed windows 7, everythings gone to pot

Now the problem I’m having is that both the streams coming through the wire from my pad are coming combined together. I still get 2 streams for stereo but they’re the same, with both party chat and my own chat mixed together. This would be fine, but I always adjust the volumes of the voices because they’re always recording at different volumes for some reason

before anyone says it’s the xbox or the equipment, I can assure you, i’ve tried 2 different sets of equipment, and have used audacity to try and seperate stereo song tracks from my phone with no success.

I’ve tried updating and reverting my sound drivers several times and I’m at a loss here.
This has become a very annoying headache to me, because logically it should work, and every guide I’ve found says there’s nothing else to it

any help would be appreciated.

You don’t say what input you are connecting to on the computer, but if it’s the mic input (pink), that’s usually mono.

If you are connecting to line-in (blue), try right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock, then choose “Recording Devices”. Right-click over the line-in input then choose “Properties”. Then click the “Advanced” tab and change to a stereo default format.

Make a similar change to the appropriate input’s default format if you are you actually recording the “what u hear” or similar input.

If that doesn’t help please say exactly how you are connecting xbox to the computer, with exactly what cable, and exactly what input you are recording from in Audacity Device Toolbar.


cheers, I was using the mic in before, but then I tried line in,
neither were working.

I just tried to find the settings for my line in (it’s the one listed “blue”)
but didn’t see an option to use stereo mix. I’m using windows 7 and realtek drivers, if that helps

the exact set up from the xbox is as such

xbox pad > 2.5mm to 3.5mm converter > 3.5mm splitter > 3.5mm male to female > 3.5mm extension lead > to pc line in

3.5mm to 2.5mm converter > standard xbox headset

I did used to use this set up just fine, now it doesn’t work
and I’m sure it’s down to the sound not splitting properly on getting to the PC, because even stereo music from my phone (songs that clearly have different parts in each headphone) don’t have 2 seperate audio tracks in audacity, but instead just have the same track twice.


What you describe is a common problem on Vista and later ( ) but you don’t have the expected properties sheets, even if this was the problem.

Have you looked in the Realtek Control Panel itself (it should be in the Windows Control Panel under “Sound”)?

Does the Realtek have some help that explains the different colour-coded line-ins? Is it a multi-channel sound card (you could record more than stereo if you wanted to)?

What sort of computer input did you connect to on the old computer where this worked (or is it the same computer and sound card)?

Should you be keeping the computer input on two cables, each cable goes in one of the line-ins, instead of combining the signal into one cable?


the realtek control panel does have the different inputs on the sound card listed, but the only 2 I can use really are line in and mic in. I dont think I can record anything more than stereo.

before I just did the exact same set up, and it worked on xp. same equipment, same sound card, same computer. only thing I changed besides windows 7 was upping the ram. and that was actually using the mic in port

and I can’t have 2 inputs to the PC, because it all travels through the splitter anyway. the headset doens’t have a line out, so the wire has to go into the splitter, which when split further not only creates loads of echo feedback, but give the same results anyway :

this is a pain tbh lol.

Did you change the sound card drivers to ones made by the computer or motherboard maker that are meant for Windows 7? Windows XP audio drivers will not work properly on Windows 7. See here for some help .


Thanks everyone in here, but I don’t know how.
I was tinkering with the settings again and I somehow got it to work.

I was VERY happy last night
thanks for all the help
for future reference if someone else has this issue, the screen on audacity looked like this