recording streaming with external soundcard

Is there a way to record streaming , using an external soundcard, in this case Soundblaster THX?

I am streaming from WIMP, in CD-quality, on Windows XP.

Recording quality through PC-soundcard is very meager, compared to the sound coming from the speakers, using a good Dac.

So, I have tried to record using the SoundBlaster, but to no avail. think I have tried all combinations of settings, but no recording.

I use the USB-connection, of course.

But, still, there should be a way to achieve this, or am I wrong?

I don’t know if WASAPI loopback will allow you to do that (see: but one way that will work is to use appropriate audio leads to physically connect the “line outputs” to the “line inputs”.

Important: Ensure that “Software Playthough” is disables (not selected) in the Audacity “Transport” menu.

Thanks. Seems WASAPI is not available for Windows XP.

No it’s not. I missed that you said XP. If that is your only computer I would highly recommend upgrading the operating system as soon as possible - XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, which makes it a dangerously insecure system. If you can’t or don’t want to use a modern version of Windows, it would be worth considering Linux (If you like the old XP way of working, the “Mate” edition of “Linux Mint” feels a lot more like XP than modern versions of Windows Linux Mint 17.1 “Rebecca” MATE released! – The Linux Mint Blog)

Thank you. I`consider Linux Mint. As you suggest, I like the “old” XP-way.