Recording streaming radio using Audacity v2.1.2

Hi I would like to “capture” streamed radio programmes from the BBC iPlayer website ( using Audacity v2.1.2 and Windows 7. Above I’m asked to state which .exe installer or the zip I use but I don’t understand that bit. I’ve read the manual but am no clearer. Can anyone please advise me? Thanks very much. agd

These are the manual page for Recording Streaming Audio.


Is that the manual you read? The idea is to run the Recording and Playing parts of the computer at the same time and fold back the music from one to the other. That’s not normally how computers work. That can create problems if, for example, you’re trying to record singing or speaking into a microphone.

You may find that some setups will make a good recording only if they mess up speaker volume.
“I can make a recording but my speakers are way too loud.”

Some systems don’t do that.


Many radio programs on iPlayer can be downloaded:
It is probably not legal to record radio programs that are not offered for download (due to copyright and the BBC terms of use), but for general recording of streamed audio (where it is legal to do so), see:
and in particular the section about using “WASAPI loopback”.