Recording streamed broadcast and editing pauses

I have a couple of questions regarding the use of Audacity and would appreciate any advice from those with rather more knowledge about the software!

  1. Can I use Audacity to record a classical broadcast that is being streamed in a losslesss format?

  2. I am trying to transfer a number of my vinyl records to CD for ease of handling. The gaps between the tracks often contain a few clicks etc which are very noticeable when everything goes quiet. Can I select the ‘gap’ between each track and effectively reduce the sound level in the selected section to zero, so the gaps are still present but are totally silent?

Any advice gratefully received.

See: Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows - Audacity Manual - personally, I prefer WASAPI

also: Tutorial - Recording audio playing on the computer - Audacity Manual

Yes, swipe the section in question, then Edit > Remove Special > Silence Audio = Ctrl+L. For improved accuracy, I find it useful to to pre-mark the endpoints of my selection with Ctrl+B.

Thank you. Now that I have a few ‘basics’, I will run a few tests before getting started in earnest.

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