Recording streaaming audio

I’m attempting to record an audio i’m straeming from the net i haven’t had success to download otherwise…

I set the input, output devices to ‘pulse’ i am using fedora , and well the recording just never seems to sound like the file from the site :
i tried to change volume, i messed around editing it like speeding it up made it sound some what more similar but it’s still off !!

any suggestions are very appreciated


Did you read the Manual ?


I tried following that guide as well as i could, the sounding of the recording changed a little, the stream still sounds more crisp though…


It depends what you did. Recording the stream as it plays on the sound device is slightly (but should not be very) lossy.

If you want a perfect copy you have to download the stream or grab it somehow before it gets to the sound card. And of course if the material is copyrighted you need the copyright holder’s permission before you can record or download it.

Which of the methods in the Tutorial did you use?