Recording stops...


I am running the latest version of Audacity on Windows 7 Home Premium, on a machine with 4 gig ram, 64 bit OS, 8 gig HD with 4.5 gig free space. I do not have any other software running.

I’m attempting to record one track in stereo from a keyboard. I have input and can see the meters operating properly. However, what I am attempting to do is to record one chord of a 3 notes held.

I have playthrough turned on, and even with that off this happens. The first .5 seconds records, then the sound stops recording for .6 seconds, then records again. This repeats over the entire time I am recording. I have brought the sample rate down to 8000 (not really what I want to record in) and this still happens. I have taken the sample format down to 16 bit from 32, and this still happening.

Some time ago I attempted to use this same computer to record a voice track with inputs from a studio quality mixer and the sounds was, for lack of a better term - burby. It had a swirly sound and many artifacts.

Can someone guide me on how to fix this? I’ve run other recording software on this machine as a trial version, but would like to settle in on Audacity.

Thank you so much!

Where did you find an 8GB hard drive to buy? I tried that a bit ago and the store laughed at me.

Almost without doubt you have Windows Enhanced Services running and would benefit strongly from turning it/them off.

The purpose of these tools is to make conferencing better. The tools are trying to separate your voice from what it perceives as background noise. Any sustained noises or musical notes are destroyed immediately.

I’m a little concerned that you tried to perform voices and it didn’t work. Were you singing or had other continuous sound in the performance? It thinks singing is ventilation whine. The system is intended to be tuned for a normal speaking voice.

I’m also concerned that with a drive that small, you’re going to run into space and speed issues very rapidly. Good quality stereo goes by at roughly 600MB per hour exclusive of effects, UNDO and finished show Export.