recording stops

Audacity stops after 26 seconds on the second track. It says 25 hours of recording time available so drive space is not problem. I have tried to get over this problem for months but now I am asking for help. I have looked at all the forum and google suggestions and am still mystified.

When I add the second track I askfor a mono track but end up with two mono tracks recording and I don’t know why. Could this have something to do with it/



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I’m not sure what you mean. How are you “adding the second track”?
If the Device Toolbar is set to 1 (mono) channel, then pressing the Record button in an empty project should produce one mono track. If you then press the Stop button and then press the Record button again you should get a second audio track (so now a total of 2 tracks).

I suspect it is related to the Linux distribution I am using, and not an Audacity issue per se. Next release of Linux Bodhi may solve this; if not I will return to the thread again