Recording stops while recording

Hi I updated to the new 3.4.2 version. While recording a podcast audio I noticed that all of a sudden the recording had stopped. This happened several times, at random times (after 9mins, after 15 mins etc). Any clue on how to solve this? I had to record in pieces due to not being able to solve it myself.

Are you recording on your built-in drive? This sounds like one of the oddball problems that may happen when you record on an external, network, or cloud drive.

Internal only!

USB microphone? Start a test recording and pull the USB cable. Does that look like your other problems? Close Audacity and reseat the cable, both ends.

Do a clean Windows shutdown. Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start. Don’t let any apps start automatically.

I know the goal is a continuous recording, but if you do anything that changes the problem, post that, too. For example, can you make it worse?


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