recording stops suddenly

Hello, i have just installed Audacity to record by my voice with microphone. I start recording but after about 2 minutes it suddenly stops. So it is impossible to me to record more than 2 minutes and the text I have to record is more than 1 hour.
The software is installed in a windows 7 professional 64bits and the processor is AMD FX-8320E THE AUDIO IS NVIDIA.
I hope you can help me many thanks!

record by my voice with microphone.

What microphone and how is it connected? Pretend I want to buy one.

Sound files take a lot of room, much more so than simple text files, for example. How much room is there on the machine?

Start > Computer > INFO something like that.


ciao, the microphone is a samson connected by usb port. The room is more than 42 hours

Same thing happened to me. It’s not the audacity program. It even happened when I used “voice recorder” app that comes with windows 10. The problem is in the sound settings on the pc or laptop. You need to shut off “noise cancelling” in the record options. Go to control panel, change the view to “large icons”, then look for the icon “audio control”. On my HP laptop it shows “recording experience”. De-select any option for “noise cancelling”. Worked for me. Good Luck.

thank you so much, i make some tentatives and i think it depends on usb port, I changed the usb port and now it seems to work right.