Recording stops suddenly

I start a recording and after a few minutes it just stops. I have done a system restore on my computer, uninstall and install. Still it happens. Any ideas??

Which Windows and which Audacity — all three numbers?

Do you have anything selected in the three timer entries at the bottom of the window?

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 19.55.17.png

Windows 8, HP Pavilion laptop, Audacity 2.1.0. All numbers are set to zero.

Reinstalling Audacity doesn’t reset Audacity. To get a complete reset, reinstall and when the installer asks you if you want to reset the preferences (or something like that), say yes.


Is it possible you’re running out of drive space? What’s the size of your hard drive and how much is used? We need actual numbers, not “enough.” Are you using local internal drive and not USB or network drives?


I uninstalled, then installed Audacity. I did not add the add-ons. It still stopped. I even tried the settings of project rate of 32000 Hz and Snap to Nearest. I had previously recorded over 10 hours Friday and Saturday and the problem started Sunday.

May not be related but have had similar problems from moving or renaming tracks but not reloading them into Audacity. Seems to play for short time and then go mute (if other tracks are still playing) or if only track, then stops. This happened on earlier versions of the program but I see in the newest version this may not be a problem if you use the copy function when importing tracks to work on. Hope this helps someone.

the problem started Sunday.

…when you ran short of drive space…


Have over 600 GB on my drive…

Try reinstalling and reset preferences during the installation.

I don’t think this is anything to do with this topic, but yes if you import WAV or AIFF files and read them directly from the original (faster) then move, delete or rename the files then you will destroy your project.

This is not an Audacity bug. Audacity will warn you if it can’t find the files it is trying to play.


Also, what exactly are you trying to record, using what recording device? Which recording device do you choose in Device Toolbar?

If it’s a USB recording device, you could try shutting the computer down fully, also known as a “cold boot”. See If you are on Windows 8.1, you can do the full shut down by using the Win + X menu and choose “Shut Down” from there.