Recording stops by pause button

Recording stops continuously after a few seconds by the pause button. Latest version of Audacity, laptop Medion with Windows 10 is up to date.
I use Nowsonic Phonix as a preamp for recording LPs.
Bas Peet, the Netherlands.
Translated with Google.

The P pause button is supposed to pause recording. If you press it again, Audacity should start recording again.


Dear Kozikowski, thanks for your response.
The pause button is always active after a few seconds and recording stops, that’s the problem.
Bas Peet

Assuming that you are using the current Audacity 2.3.0 version:
“Transport menu > Transport Options > Sound Activated Recording” and turn it off.

Dear Steve,
That’s it, the problem is solved.
Thank you very much, I can continue.

Greetings from Bas Peet.

Translated with Google; I am an old man without an English language.