Recording stops at random times. WIN 10 AUD 2.1.2

Hey guys new to audacity and trying to record a podcast with friends. Through testing this program has worked fine recording chunks of local audio a couple hours in length. All of a sudden when I record the program stops recording at random intervals. It is as if I clicked the stop button. Times range from 7 seconds up to 9 minutes. It just keeps stopping. I checked through the FAQ and tried to troubleshoot. I havent found any help yet. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program and made sure microphone drivers are up to date. Thanks for any help guys!

trying to record a podcast with friends.

Where are the friends? Are you all sitting around a table drinking tea?

Are you running a game at the same time?


What is your Audacity recording device as selected in Device Toolbar?

Have you tried a cold boot? Windows key, Power button, hold SHIFT and click on Shut down.