Recording stops and flatlines

Sometimes, the audio recording just stops and continues on in the Audacity window as a flatline. I’m recording from a VEC recording device that inputs to my laptop mic jack so I can record phone interviews for writing articles/blogs (always informing the other party, and for my ears only). I just downloaded the latest Audacity version and haven’t tried that yet.

Does it always stop at the same time?
There isn’t any easy answer that I know of. You don’t fall into any of the regular traps.

I’d start by cleaning the plug that goes into the computer. Swab with alcohol or unflavored vodka and clean paper towels. Rub dry and plug back in several times twisting the connection each time.


VEC recording device

Many people ask about that. How are you doing it in detail? Model numbers, type of phone, etc. I do it with an Olympus TP-8 microphone. It has the advantage that any type of phone I push up to my ear works.


I’ll try cleaning the plug, but I doubt that’s it because if I click the stop record button in Audacity, and then close without saving, then reopen and click record, it starts recording fine again. Unfortunately, I have’t logged the stopping times to know if it’s always the same. The device I’m using is VEC Logger Patch Model LRX-35. You can see it on this page:

My phone is a Cisco IP Phone 7940 Series. And, my laptop disk has plenty of space, so I don’t think that’s it either. Thanks for trying to help. It’s maddening.

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Installing (or reinstalling) the latest 2.1.1 version of Audacity with “Reset Preferences” checked (ticked) half way through the installer might help.


Gale - I’m using Audacity 2.1.1 on Windows 7 Professional SP1. I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling with reset preferences checked halfway through.

I also had this happen to me. I am recording from analog cassette deck (Lanier), using an audio converter (Hammerfall Multiface II). It doesn’t always happen at the same time, and sometimes I go weeks without it happening. I’m using Windows XP and Audacity 2.1.1