recording stops after a few second

I used Audacity a while ago successfully on previous systems.I have now installed ver 2.1.2 on my current system, Ubuntu 14.4.1. Making a recording from the Line 0 input, the recording works perfectly for about 10 to 30 seconds and then stops. This segment can be played and pressing the record button again restarts recording on a new track only to stop as before, so program does not seem to have crashed. What am I doing wrong. The log does not show any fault.

What is the Line 0 input, for example a computer microphone with a TRS connector? Does it do the same with other recording applications?

Have you tried choosing the (hw) entry for this recording device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar? This will bypass the slow Pulseaudio mixing layer. Note that you can’t use this choice if another audio application is already using the sound device.


Thanks for the hint. The recording device was set to pulse:line 0. Changed to default:line 0 and the recording now runs correctly. Great!. For the record, the source is a line level amp from my audio system via the internal audio input stereo jack socket on the motherboard. The computer uses an i5 660 cpu. I have not sorted out the significance and use of the three alternative device setting groups.


“Default” should normally map to pulse too, so it may not be a permanent solution. The entry that says (hw) should definitely bypass pulse.

If that is the only input, it is probably not really meant for strong line level signals, unless you know differently for example you built it yourself as a line level input.