Recording stereo mix and laptop mic together in Windows 7

Looking for some help on how to record voice from youtube and external laptop mic together. Thanks… :slight_smile:

Past using two computers and a mixer, we know of people using Kristal Audio Engine.

Kristal Audio Engine apparently creates and manages the missing sound pathways that Microsoft removed from Win7.


This is the better way in Audacity than recording YouTube and yourself together.

Download the video to your computer (search Google for how to do that).

Put headphones on.

Install FFmpeg ( )

Drag the video file into Audacity (this extracts the audio for you).

Transport > Overdub.

Record, setting the external mic as your input in Device Toolbar .

Now you can record while listening to the youtube audio (which has not lost any quality from being re-recorded) while your voice is recorded in its own track, so separately editable.

If you don’t have the headphones too loud you should be able to hear enough of what you are singing acoustically. If you want to hear more, hold one side of the headphones off your ear.

If you want to hear yourself in the headset without latency (delay) it gets more complicated - see here

and .


Thanks a lot…the answers were helpful… :slight_smile: