when I’m recording my DJ mix it will only record at one level(0.5). There are no peaks, it just records in one block. Its so annoying I really dont know how to change it.

My recording volume is really low at 0.2.

When I listen back to it its really fuzzy and unclear.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue??

Many thanks,


What kind of hardware are you using, and how are you connected?

If you are using line-out to mic-in on a laptop, that’s a mismatch. Use the line-input on a regular desktop/tower soundcard, or get a USB audio interface with line inputs.

Does that help?


koz, I’m experiencing the same issue explained in your document.

I am using the Behringer UFO-202 though from my DJ mixer and I’m still getting the issue.

I don’t know what happened it was working fine before and now I can’t seem the change the recording back to how it should be.

Does anyone know any other things I might need to check??

Thanks for your help so far ppl!


You have a UCA202 but are you recording from it? If you unplug the UCA even for a brief instant, Audacity will “forget” it and start recording from any other service it can find. If you have a second connection into the Mic-In of your computer, that connection may be next on the list.

You have textbook classic symptoms of using the wrong connection.

Close Audacity. Unplug the UCA, wait and plug it back it again. Wait a bit for Windows to recognize it. Then start Audacity and use the device toolbar to switch to “USB Audio CODEC” (attach).

If this kind of thing happens a lot, then you may have a bad USB connection. Every time the connection thinks it got unplugged…

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 9.56.19.png

I am using the Behringer UFO-202 though from my DJ mixer and I’m still getting the issue.

Make sure you’ve selected line, not phono.

If that’s not the problem, you can try switching hardware around… Try plugging something else into the UFO202, such as a CD player or DVD player.

Missed that. Yes, the UFO-202 can switch its inputs. “Phono” has a signal boost and can overload if you connect a mixer rather than a classic turntable.


Hey, sorry for not getting back.

DVDoug hit the nail on the head. I had it switched on phono. Working fine now,

Thanks a lot for your help ppl.