Recording starts off too quiet

hi everyone!
i’m using windows xp and audacity 2.0.2
the problem is (whether i record from my microphone or the line -in input) that my recording starts too quiet and gradually, after a few seconds reaches its normal loudness level.
furthermore, if i record speech and/or music that has pauses, each time the music or speech continues, it again starts from very quiet and slowly gets louder. this is becoming bigger and bigger problem to me because i use audacity more frequently than before.

It’s probably due to one of the Windows “Enhancements”. See here how to turn off the “Enhancements”

that’s not it. i have no enhancements whatsoever.
moreover, the FAQ says something about the recording fading out, but my problem is the opposite. the recording fades in after each period of silence no matter how loud or quiet what i am recording at the moment is.

Audacity cannot do “real-time” effects, so we need to look elsewhere for where this “fading in” is happening. In addition to the Windows enhancements, some sound cards have their own control panel with their own effects. Have a look in the task bar (near the time/date) for an icon for your sound card, or look in the Windows “Control Panel” for anything relating specifically to your sound card.