Recording speeds up in Audacity?

Hey folks,

I’m using Audacity version 2.4.1 on Windows 10, on an Acer Aspire 5 with 20GB of Ram and a 1.6 GHz processor. I just started using this new laptop to record my podcasts and I love using Audacity.

Yesterday, I noticed while recording my third and fourth podcast episodes, the recording sped ahead of the actual time (and it’s made the voices go a bit funny.) I’m able to correct it with a slight changing of the speed, but I’d like to nip this problem in the bud if possible.

I record on a mono track, and I’m fairly certain that the recording level is the same at 44100. What can I do to fix this?


A big fan of Audacity

Are you getting [u]dropouts[/u]?

Are you recording on one device (like a USB mic or USB interface) and playing back on a different device (like your regular soundcard)?

Yes, I’ve just used one device for recording so far: A UCA222 USB Sound card (which then hooks up to my mixer.)

For playing back, I’ve used two with my speakers via regular headphones and my Bluetooth headphones (I needed them when I recorded an interview with Cleanfeed.)

As for dropouts, I’m not witnessing any of those (it still records everything my guest and I have said, it just speeds away almost immediately.)

In what way “funny”?

Funny as in deeper and slower. I was able to change the speed by 106.9% to correct the problem.

Are you sure that the correct amount isn’t a speed change of 108.84 ?